Green Gold Timbers is a privately owned company run by the Manglik family, which has been in the trade since the time when forests were owned by Zamindars (at that time, the head of the Manglik clan being one of them), and felling, sawing and lumbering was done by villagers. With the confiscation and abolition of the Zamindari system, the family continued to carry on the business by leasing forests from the Forest Department.


From 1980 onwards, the entire timber supply was controlled by the Corporations to divert supplies and cater to Government projects like Defence [DGS&D], Railways and Public Sector Companies. As a result, only surplus and rejected quantities of timber were auctioned to private companies. The promoters of this company continued to engage themselves in the timber trade despite the challenges of the day. They resorted to purchasing timber at the auctions and then supplying it to various retails outlets all over India, thereby building their goodwill as traders and creating a foothold in the sector.

In December 1996, the Supreme Court of India banned the felling of trees from every class of forests, resulting in an acute shortage of timber. In the union budget of February 1997, the Government of India then opened a channel by introducing import of timber under OGL (Open General License) and also abolished customs duties to encourage imports.With a promise to ‘walk the talk’, the promoters laid the foundations for Green Gold Timbers Pvt. Ltd. in Gandhidham.

48000CBM Per Annum
Round Logs
25000CBM Per Annum
Sawn Lumber
48000CBM Per Annum
Sawing Capacity